Great article! Mary understands the incentive structures at both small and large Silicon Valley companies. As I am trying to improve diversity and inclusion AND more ethical technologies across the emerging field of robotics, I am always searching for potential levers to pull. I'm not certain they exist... but naiveness about the problem doesn't help you create real change! (Let's not 'lean in' or blame 'pipeline problem')

Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics and Visiting Scholar at CITRIS People and Robots Lab

The ethics of androids and autonomous systems has fascinated me since childhood. Asimov’s Four Laws of Robotics unfolded in a series of classic cautionary tales describing just how badly those simple rules could and would go wrong. I have been searching for effective ethical rules for robots ever since.


Andra Keay

Bringing robotics into the real world, startup by startup, event by event. @svrobo @robogard @robohub #robotlaunch

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